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Fate Of ExoMars Lander Currently Unknown

It's time to ascend.


Earlier today the ExoMars Lander named the Schiaparelli lander was scheduled to touch down on Mars. Just before its landing however, the scientists lost contact with the device. ESA’s Paul Ferri stated that this was ‘not a good sign’.

Initially, the scientists waited excitedly as the mission came to fruition, as the lander separated from the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and headed down into the atmosphere. Many minutes went by without anything happening, however, and it was clear that something was not right.

The orbiter is orbiting Mars successfully, however the lander was meant to send a signal back to ESA to confirm a successful touchdown on the red planets surface. No signal or any form of communication has been received yet.

Scientists are still hopeful, however at the moment, not looking very positive. The ESA’s team are expected to know more about the fate of the lander by tomorrow morning.