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Our Interstellar Visitor Is Red And Very Dark

It's time to ascend.

The object which is name ‘Oumaumua’ recently spotted zipping past our sun is the first confirmed object originating from outside our Solar System.

New observations of the object from ground telescopes have revealed that the 400 metre long rock is similar to many asteroids and comets found closer to home, which scientists believe that it could mean similar planetary compositions exist throughout the galaxy.

The asteroid also appears very dark, absorbing 96% of all light, also showing a red colour which indicates organic carbon based molecules, the building blocks of life.

Now, astronomers believe that visitors such as our interstellar one may be more common than previously thought in our solar system, which up to 10,000 being situated closer to our sun than the planet Neptune.

Early estimates indicate 3 enter and leave our solar system each day.