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NASA Set To Reveal Major Exoplanet Discovery

It's time to ascend.

It was less than a year ago, in May 2015, when NASA announced it had discovered a staggering 1,284 exoplanets which in turn brought the total number of discovered exoplanets up to 3,200.

Now in 2017 NASA has prepared for another major announcement, and while they haven’t given too much away in terms of what the reveal could be, it seems set to be an important discovery.

The press conference is locked in for Wednesday morning at 10am P.T., with many prominent names in the field to be in attendance, such as Sara Seager from MIT, and Michael Gillon from the University of Liege in Belgium.

After the conference, there will also be an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session setup on Reddit for curious minds.

What could the announcement be? Evidence of extraterrestrial life? More exoplanets? At this stage it is anyone’s guess.