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‘Rainbow Gravity’ Theory Points To An Infinite Universe

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mysteries of the origins of our universe


The theory of ‘Rainbow Gravity’ theorizes that our universe has no beginning, stretching back into time infinitely with no singular starting point.

The current popular belief amongst the science community is that the universe began with the ‘Big Bang’ 13.8 billion years ago – which is incredible enough. Now, researchers propose that the universe stretches back in time infinitely – with no singular starting point.

The idea, originally proposed 10 years ago, is a possible result of what is known as ‘Rainbow Gravity’, a theory not widely accepted amongst physicists, however none can deny that the theory is interesting.

The name ‘Rainbow Gravity’ comes from the suggestion that the effect of gravity is felt differently by various wavelengths of light, found in the colors of the rainbow.

Researchers say that it highlights flaws in the Big Bang Theory, which refers to a singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. The theory which was originally formulated by Alexander Friedmann in 1922, was made from equations by Einstein, where Friedmann found solutions to these calculations in which the universe began in a state of high density and temperature.

In the rainbow theory however, ‘particles with different energies will actually see different space-times, different gravitational fields,’ Adel Awad of the Centre for Theoretical Physics at Zewail City of Science and Technology in Egypt told Scientific American.

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