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2 Strange Structures Spotted On The Moon

It's time to ascend.

extraterrestrial bases on the moon

(Image Credit: YouTube/WhatsUpInTheSky37)

A Duo of unnatural looking wall like structures have been spotted on the Moon’s surface.

In a YouTube video posted by WhatsUpInTheSky37, 2 strange structures are noted which stand out on the surface located in the Paracelsus crater. Scott C. Waring explains a little further on UFO Sightings Daily:

They look like a buries entrance to an abandoned base. These are really cool looking structures. Perhaps if we take the diameter of Paracelsus crater which the wall is in, then we can find the walls size. Wiki says Paracelsus crater is 83km, so we can make an estimate that these walls are about .35-.45km across.

Check out the video and see what you think: