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40 Years On After Famous Pascagoula Abduction

It's time to ascend.


One of the the most high profile UFO abductions in history recently turned 40, being reported on October 11, 1973.

For Charles Hickson, the notoriety that came with it brought no regrets after he contacted authorities and told his story after an unidentified flying object came down to the Pascagoula River where he and Calvin Parker Jr were fishing and took them aboard their ship.

Parker Jr says he has never fully come to terms with what happened to them that night, with the event turning his life upside down ever since. The story of grey, crab clawed aliens swooping down,  grabbing the two friends and hovering up to the ship to be medically examined is more than incredible enough to attract critical attention.

“This is something I really didn’t want to happen,” Parker told The Associated Press as the 40th anniversary of the encounter approached.

After reporting the incident, before he knew it, Walker Shipyard where he worked had been overrun with reporters and UFO investigators and enthusiasts.

Now 58, Parker was only 18 when he claims they were adbucted. His account tells of a UFO with blue lights and made a strange zipping noise coming down to where they were fishing, and 3 creatures emerged, with leathery grey skin and crab-like claws. He initially thought they were robots. After taking the boys by the forearms they levitated onto the ship, where they were thoroughly medically examined, before being back on the shore where it all began.

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