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Did Aliens Hack NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe?

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NASA’s space probe originally left Earth in 1977, is the only space probe to have passed beyond Saturn and Neptune.

Now, it has been claimed that 33 years after it’s original launch, NASA received a message back from the probe in an unknown language which they could not decipher. The probe was approximately 15 billion km from Earth at the time.

It is alleged that a NASA scientist has revealed the information publicly, which conspiracy theorists have been compiling and posting on the internet.

It is alleged that NASA scientist Kevin Baines made the following statements:

“At a distance of about 15 billion kms from Earth, the probe suddenly started sending data in a language which they could never understand.

“Something or someone changed the communications system of the space probe Voyager 2.”

He also goes on to say that a key component had a binary value changed from 0 to 1.

“The assessment of the other systems, the Voyager team could not find any defect. Only one system was changed.”

Many have suggested that such a change was not random, and quite significant in terms of Voyager 2’s systems.

NASA apparently also investigated the possibility that the probe was hacked on Earth by human hands, however any real investigation could never be conclusive as the craft was so far from Earth.

Whether there is any legitimacy to the claims has yet to be confirmed, however it still stands that at the moment the story is gaining alot of traction online.