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Can This Guy Really Summon UFO’s?

It's time to ascend.

Robert Bingham summons Orb UFOs

(Image Credit: YouTube/UFO Robert Bingham)

A YouTube video shows an event where Robert Bingham publicly summons Orb like UFO’s at will in the daytime sky.

Bingham, who 2 years ago publicly claimed that he can summon the orbs at will, held a gathering on the 22nd February at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles where he had many people photographing and capturing video as he summoned orbs. Check out the video here:



Check out an excerpt of the description of his video:

Here’s the new footage from my recent Public UFO Summoning Event at MacArthur Park in Downtown Los Angeles CA. The event celebrated my 2 Year Anniversary of going public with my UFO Summoning abilities. The event was a great success and we had amazing UFO activity in downtown Los Angeles!

The event started with two sizable orbs interacting with each other. I had my camera crew continue to film the larger orb as it hovered over the crowds as everyone cheered! Please see 0:52 for the orb interaction and 2:29 for an analysis of the larger orb. Everyone was excited and stayed at the park until late in the afternoon to discuss the sightings of the day. Special thanks to John Graff for taking the amazing photos from the event.

What do you think? Amazing ability or elaborate hoax? You decide.