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Former Astronaut Claims ET Prevented Nuclear War

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Ed Mitchell, the 84 year old space veteran, is very open beliefs that extraterrestrials not only exist but the government is aware of them, and that the entities may have actually prevented a nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. during the Cold War.

Mitchells claims are based on reports from other military personnel who claimed to have witnessed UFO’s during the time of the Cold War.

“UFOs were frequently seen overhead and often disabled their missiles,” he said. “They wanted to know about our military capabilities. My own experience talking to people has made it clear the ETs had been attempting to keep us from going to war and help create peace on Earth.”

During a radio interview back in 2008, Mitchell claimed that world governments had been in contact with aliens for 60 years, and were concealing this from the public.

“I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real,” he said.

Mitchells claims have met their fair share of criticism though – and a NASA spokesperson also put forward a statement regarding Mitchells claims.

“NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe,” he said. “Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.”