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Peru Reactivates Government UFO Agency After Sightings Increase

It's time to ascend.


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The Peruvian Government are officially reactivating their UFO agency after an increase in sightings, and they are inviting the public to provide them information on recent UFO reportings.

The Peruvian Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research (OIFAA) has been shut down for over 5 years, and with its reactivation will seek the expertise from many areas such as the air force, astronomers, archaeologist and sociologists to make sense of as much of the information on the sightings as possible.

Peru air force Col. Julio Jose Vucetich Abanto, who heads the Directorate of Aerospace Interests, states:

“Those who observe seemingly unconventional phenomena, which cause surprise or concern, know that there is an institution that will study and research your information.”

Take a jump into the article here at Huffington Post, where there is video along with more detailed information.