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Is This A Photo Of A UFO In Queensland Australia?

It's time to ascend.

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(Image Credit: Andrew Batham)

A young man from Caloundra in Queensland, Australia, believes he may have photographed something that is a sign we are not alone in our universe.

The image captured by 22 year old Andrew Batham last Friday on his phone at 5:30am originally seemed like it was going to be another ordinary photograph, until he started playing with the photo settings on his phone.

“I was messing around with the camera settings, left it in negative mode and photographed the sun just above the clouds,” he said.

“The black bit in the middle is part of the craft, while the coloured shape around it is an invisibility cloak,” he suggested.

While it may seem like a bit of a stretch of the imagination, Batham states while he did not see anything that day with his naked eye, he has seen some strange lights in the Caloundra area in the past. He is determined to keep photographing the area in an attempt to capture more evidence of UFO’s in the area.

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