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Strange Shaped UFO Recorded Over Pittsburgh

It's time to ascend.

The unnamed witness sent the video into the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for investigation after he had no ideas on what it could be.

Some snippets from the report:

“I had no idea what to think about the object when I first saw it, my only instinct was to get out my phone and start recording because it definitely wasn’t something I had ever seen before.

“It flew quite quickly in a straight pattern over and away from my house.

“It was shaped like a dome with a slight point on top, and some type of string like appendage hanging from it.

“It was dark in colour.

“My feelings on the object are quite mixed. I’ve always been on the fence as far as paranormal occurrences. But when I saw this thing I was just so intrigued, and I genuinely can’t explain what this might be.”

While some UFO enthusiasts believe the footage depicts a genuine UFO in the sense that it is not of the earth, other skeptics believe it could be easily explainable such as a kite or drone.

What are your thoughts on the video?