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TV Crew Captures 2 UFO’s On Film in New Zealand

Image Credit: YouTube/Graeme Stevenson)

An Australian TV crew has inadvertently captured 2 UFO’s while filming in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Filming the seventh season of the “Colour In Your Life” series, the production crew noticed the strange objects while editing the recorded footage.

“In the past week, when editing of the episode was complete Graeme noticed something strange in a wide shot – two objects travelling from left to right of the screen at great speed. When the images were slowed to a frame by frame sequence you could see the shapes emerge from the trees and move across the sky, eventually disappearing.”

Skeptics had suggested that the 2 objects could simply be birds, however with some calculation, it is estimated the 2 objects were travelling at speeds of an incredible 4000 miles per hour.

Check the video for yourself and see what you think:



Original Article: IB Times