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Another UFO Sighting In The Hunter Region, Australia (Video)

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UFO Captured on Video In Belmont Australia


Only 2 days ago we posted an article originally from The Newcastle Herald where 2 seperate sighting of a strange UFO spotted near Belmont, NSW (Australia).

Now, it has emerged that another family in Belmont spotted a similar UFO at the end of September, and recorded video of the event.

The video shows a blue light in the night sky over the city lights, with the family speaking about the sighting and indicating that this was not the first time that this UFO has been spotted. They also note the odd behaviour of the UFO changing color to red. Here is the uploaders description.

Filmed the other night off the veranda, completely silent fast moving UFO with bright blue light, changes to red for second, enters from right of screen before I start filming, hovers over blacksmiths/redhead beach then exits at speed again. Has been there 2-3 nights in the past couple of weeks, any ideas?

Check out the video – could it be the same UFO spotted a few nights back?