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UFO Caught On Film Near Mexico City

It's time to ascend.

UFO sightings mexico city

(Image Credit: YouTube/Jesus Carrea)

A UFO has been caught on film near Mexico City on 3 seperate occasions within the one day.

Jesus Correa, who lives just south of Mexico City, filmed an object in the sky twice in the day, and one video in the night. The videos were posted on January 12th.

The oval shaped object appears shiny and metallic, and can be seen moving slowly through the sky.

From his description (Using Google Translate):

“Object videotaped on Sunday January 12, 2014 south of Mexico City at 3:14 pm, one GZ_MG630AU JVC everio camcorder model was used. They are 3 different shots.”

Check out the videos below:





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