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UFO Image From Italy Stirring Debate

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UFO In Italy

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A tourist visiting Monte Sant’Angelo in Southern Italy back in August captured what seems to be a UFO in a photograph while snapping up the tourist sights.

Unaware she had captured anything at the time, it was only afterward that she noticed that a UFO was in the top left of the image. After capturing the snap and submitting it to CUFOM for analysis, it has stirred much debate. Here is what she wrote in her submission:

Hello to you all of the UFO Center Mediterranean. I turned to you knowing your great expertise in the field of UFOs and truly believe that you are good. V the contact because I have a photo of the back of a person who was photographing, of i realized just reviewing the shot on the computer, there is a strange flying object that I can not decipher. The photo was taken on 08/17/2013 at 16:00 in Monte Sant’Angelo in the province of Foggia while I was on vacation, with a compact digital camera with a maximum resolution (12.1 mega pixel). At the time of shooting, as mentioned, perhaps to distraction, to the naked eye had not seen any of us anything. We noticed the strange object, I repeat, only at a later time when we downloaded the photos. According to you, what would it be? Thank you. Yours Saluti.Spero that answer me soon.  Piermaria.

After analysis, they concluded it seemed metallic due to reflections, but without wings potentially ruling out a conventional plane. The tourist stated there was no sound she could hear from any distant objects at the time.

However one of the CUFOM experts believes he can see wings in the blurry enlargened image. To further throw out any confirmation, one of the CUFOM experts submitted the image to aviation experts, they could not confirm any conventional craft.

What do you think? Does it look like a conventional plane/drone or could it possibly be a genuine UFO?

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