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UFO Photo From North Devon, England Sparks Multiple UFO Reports

It's time to ascend.

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(Image Credit: Rob Tibbles/North Devon Journal)

A week ago North Devon Journal photographer Rob Tibbles captured an image of what shows a UFO at Fullabrook Wind Farm, in southwest UK.

Grey in color and oval shaped, you can see 3 different levels of magnification of the object in the photo, and it looks interesting indeed.

What makes this story even more interesting, that after the story broke a week ago in the North Devon Journal, many others came forward claiming to have seen strange objects flying around in the sky in the past week.

— Matt Naughton told the Journal that, while “Driving to Torrington on Thursday night, I saw strange bright lights in the sky and the car had flashes of blue in it. Very creepy!”

— Erica Whiteley reported her husband had seen something unusual above Fullabrook: “He spotted a strange bright object in the sky on Friday evening at about 5 p.m., looking from Swimbridge across to Barnstaple in the direction of the wind turbines.”

— Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, of Dulverton, reported to the Journal that “I too saw a strange, very large bright thing in the sky on Saturday, Nov. 23 about dusk time.” Boyce managed to film the light and then a friend took the video and slowed it down.

Check out the video below in slow motion by Jacqueline Leighton Boyce:



While a nearby military division did claim that they were engaged in a training exercise last Saturday and may have generated some sightings reports, it doesn’t quite explain the multiple sightings, nor the interesting video.

Check out the original article here at The Huffington Post.