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Ancient 7,000 Year Old City Discovered In Egypt

It's time to ascend.


Located in the province known as Sohag, the city is thought to date back all the way to 5316BC, and archaeologists believe it housed high ranking officials and grave builders.

Many artefacts were discovered amongst the sites remains, such as pots, stone instruments huts and other trinkets, including 3 large gravestones that are larger than the royal graves located in the same region.

“[This] proves the importance of the people buried there and their high social standing during this early era of ancient Egyptian history,” Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry said in a statement.

“This discovery can shed light on a lot of information on the history of Abydos.”

Tourism in Egypt has recently taken a massive drop, which has seen tourism numbers decline in the millions over the last 5 years, so the latest discovery may provide a much needed boost to its ailing tourism industry.

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