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Antikythera Wreck Reveals More Artifacts

Situated just off the island of Antikythera, the ancient ship is believed to be one of the largest known Roman era vessels found, and is where the famous ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ artifact was found – an early computer of sorts used to chart the motion of the planets.

Now, a new expedition into the wreckage has uncovered many more artifacts, including a flute made from bone, glassware, and a bronze arm rest from a throne of some sort.

“Every single dive on the wreck delivers something interesting; something beautiful,” said project co-director Brendan Foley from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. “It’s like a tractor-trailer truck wrecked on the way to Christie’s auction house for fine art – it’s just amazing.”

The Antikythera wreck has been explored many times over the last century, with the famous mechanism being discovered all the way back in 1900. Researchers are now hoping to find something in wreck of equally important significance which may shed more light on the technology of the era.

Check out the video which shows some cool footage of the underwater expedition and discovery of new items: