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Mysterious ‘Underworld’ Tunnel Found Under Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is an ancient city believed to date back approximately 2,000 years, and is situated in the northeast of Mexico City. The inhabitants were not a civilisation who communicated through writing, so many details as to who they were remains a mystery.

Now, archaeologists have uncovered an underground tunnel beneat the ‘Pyramid Of The Moon’, using a method known as¬†electrical resistivity tomography.

The tunnel is approximately 33 feet deep and seems to mirror the city’s monuments, leading to archaeologists suggesting it is possibly built to represent the underworld.

“The function of the tunnel may have been to reproduce the underworld, a world where life, animals, and plants originated,” said archaeologist Veronica Ortega. “It’s possible that it was used purely for rituals, as part of ceremonies to celebrate the agricultural cycles.”

The Pyramid Of The Moon is believed to have began construction at around 100 BC, and was likely once home to horrific rituals involving human sacrifice.