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New Insights On Tutankhamun’s Death


According to scientists in a new documentary, Tutankhamun, the famous boy pharaoh of Egypt, was killed by a chariot crash.

The new evidence that sheds light on his final moments also reveals more details immediately after death, with evidence suggesting that a botched embalming process caused a chemical reaction, causing King Tut to spontaneously combust.

Researchers tested a fragment of his flesh and determined that his body was burnt while sealed in his coffin. Originally found in 1922 by Howard Carter and The Earl Of Carnavon, Tutankhamun has always been a well known enigma. A pharaoh at the young age of 10, he ruled for 9 years before meeting an untimely end.

Egyptologist Dr Chris Norton used x-ray and CT scanning technology to carry out a virtual autopsy.

Dr Naunton said: ‘Although the death mask and other treasures are very familiar, a staggering amount of the evidence has been overlooked. It’s amazing how many questions have not even really been asked let alone answered.’

You can read the entire article here at the Daily Mail, along with plenty of pictures and video.