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Recently Discovered Mayan Pyramid One Of Largest

It's time to ascend.

Tonina Chiapas pyramid at 75m high one of the largest ever found

First discovered 5 years ago, excavations of the pyramid have revealed its structure to be one of the largest found so far.

Measuring 75m tall, the acropolos of Tonina Chiapas in Mexico has 208 steps going up to its apex, placing it in the same league as the well known ‘Pyramid Of The Sun’ in Teotichuacan, which is a 225m wide mammoth structure, measuring somewhere between 65 to 75m high.

The Mayan city at Tonina has proven to be double the size originally anticipated, as recently discovered during excavations, and is one of the most significant sites found so far, with over 300 hieroglyphic texts identified so far.

It’s a big surprise to see that the pyramid was done almost entirely by the architects and therefore is more artificial than natural,” Emiliano Gallaga, director of the archaeological zone, told local media. “This is because it was believed that almost every hill was a natural mound, but recent evidence has revealed that it was almost entirely built by the ancient inhabitants.”

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