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Secret Tombs Uncovered In Mayan Pyramids


The secret tombs found underneath 2 Mayan pyramids in Guatemala have somehow been miraculously missed by looters.

The burial sites are thought to date back as far as 650AD, located at the ancient ruins of Holmul – around 300 miles north of Guatemala City.

The find has experts excited in the hope of learning more about the secrets of a mysterious Mayan dynasty known as the ‘Snake Kings’ or Kaanul. The moniker was branded by archaeologists referring to the family’s snakehead emblem.

One of the tombs contains a middle aged person, considered possibly to be royalty, due to the jade inlays found in their teeth. The skeleton also has an inscribed tibia, making it a very rare find according researcher Francisco Estrada-Belli.

The inscription so far has been unreadable however, due to considerable erosion.

Many objects were found by researchers in the tombs also, mostly consisting of jade, obsidian, shells, and even human bone.

The second tomb discovered consists of 2 chambers, which researcher believe previously acted as palace rooms. A middle aged person was also found, along with ceramics, more jade, and a masonry bench.

An inscribed jade necklace was found, bearing the name of the snake king ‘Y-UUH YUKNOOM U-TI CHAN KAANUL AJAW’, ‘ – the name of Yuknoom Uti Chaan, a holy king of Kaanul, according to the research team’s epigraphy expert Alexandre Tokovinine.

‘It looks a lot like Game of Thrones or medieval Europe,’  Mr Estrada-Belli told The Guardian.

Mr Estrada-Belli also went on to say that thanks to new technology, many more ancient cities yet to be discovered will now be able to be revealed.