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‘Stonehenge 2’ Found Near The Famous Wiltshire Site

It's time to ascend.

Researchers have discovered a line of over 90 stones that are believed to be over 4,500 years old, not too far from the famous Stonehenge site in Wiltshire.

The stones however, unlike Stonehenge which are arranged in a circle, are in a straight line, and stand approximately up to 15feet tall, and lie 15ft underground. The discovery was made using sophisticated radar equipment which was being towed by quadbikes through the area.

The entire area surrounding Stonehenge is known for its archaelogical sites, however the discovery was a big surprise to the scientists.

‘We’re looking at one of the largest stone monuments in Europe and it has been under our noses for something like 4,000 years,’ said Professor Vince Gaffney, from the University of Bradford, one of the archaeologists leading the research. ‘It’s truly remarkable. ‘We don’t think there’s anything quite like this anywhere else in the world. This is completely new and the scale is extraordinary. ‘We presume it to be a ritual arena of some sort. These things are theatrical… designed to impress.’

Experts believe they were part of the original Stonehenge, but were deliberately toppled. Check out the full article with some computer generated imagery here at The Daily Mail.