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Was An Advanced Civilization Wiped Out 13000 Years Ago?

It's time to ascend.

Since 1995 when Graham Hancocks original book ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods’ was published and made a few waves with its claims, it has gone on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide, despite being hammered by critics.

Now, Mr Hancock is back with a sequel to the original book due for publication in September, and he claims he has the ‘smoking gun’ to back up his original theory.

“In 1995, I wrote a book about all the clues – the fingerprints – that pointed to the existence of this lost civilisation,” Hancock told The Sunday Times.

“But what I lacked was a smoking gun. Now we have it.

“A series of papers in geophysics and geological journals have been bringing forward evidence that the Earth was indeed hit by a comet 12,800 years ago, which is exactly what I proposed in my book.”

The new book is titled ‘Magicians Of The Gods’, and Hancock claims will contain geological proof of the event.

Could there be merit to his claims, or is this simply a PR push to market his new book? Hard to say. While we cannot dismiss the fact that it is possible that advanced civilizations existed well before our time – in fact, considering how much of human history is missing, it is more than likely that there was many – it’s hard to believe new controversial claims until some solid evidence is presented. I guess we will wait and see what fruit his new book will bring.

Original article: Huffington Post