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Ghost captured in photo in Gallipoli At Soldier’s Cemetery

(Image Credit: Joe Armao)

A shadowy figure has appeared in a photograph taken at the old ANZAC battlefields of Gallipoli.

At the edge of night in Beach Cemetery at Hell Spit, Fairfax photographer Joe Armao snapped some final pictures for the day. What he found in one of the frames gave him chills down his spine.

There were only 3 people at the cemetery at the time. The 3 photos were taken within 40 seconds of each other, and the camera angle changing no more than 15cm. In one of the photos, a shadowy figure with a wide brimmed hat seems to be standing in the picture as well.

Armao, a Walkley-award-winning photographer of 25 years’ experience, said he had never seen anything remotely like the picture that appeared on his screen.

Check out 2 of the photos below, the frame before, and the frame showing the figure. What do you think?




Original Article: Sydney Morning Herald