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Ghostly Mist Filmed In Haunted Hotel

It's time to ascend.

Billy Driver and Mark Morrow are paranormal investigators who have a paranormal investigation series called ‘Strange Town’ which is available on YouTube, and were filming a room in a haunted hotel when they believe something strange happened.

The room is called the ‘Campbell Room’, named after one James Campbell who was the original owner of the property. According to the stories, he was killed by Comanches in the 19th century, and ever since, visitors to his hotel have reported sightings of his ghost on the premises.

Check out the footage which seems to show a dark shadow on the screen at times, sometimes changing into a white smoke-like mist.

What do you think? Could this be real, or just another hoax? Hard to determine in this day and age where alot of fakes are produced all the time, thanks to todays video editing technical capabilities.