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Haunted Beijing Building Attracting Halloweeners

It's time to ascend.


Halloween has become quite an event in later years in China, and one of the busiest streets in Beijing – Chaoyangmen Inner Street – is home to one of the freakiest haunted offerings in the city.

Simply known as ‘Building 81’, the building has been attracting many enthusiasts who are looking for genuine scares. The building, which is located in an area which is more commonly known for its western style¬†clubs and restaurants, has been growing more infamous recently, with even local taxi drivers knowing the spot when people ask for a ride to the haunted hotspot.

“The only word to describe that house is ‘decrepit’,” says Guo Tao, a former resident of the neighborhood.

“The broken windows, the crawling ivies … not many people want to stop at that place.”

The back story is that building 81 was built in 1910, its’ primary function as a language center. In 1949 after The Peoples Republic Of China was founded, it became an administrative building, before being abandoned in the early 2000’s.

Its’ scary reputation comes from rumors that many unexplained and random deaths have occurred in the building, ranging from workers, adventure seekers, and any other unfortunate souls who happened to wander into the place.

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