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‘Poltergeist’ Activity Caught On Film In Famous Wiltshire Bar

A group of paranormal investigators were left speechless after a strange encounter caught on CCTV camera in the Antrobus Hotel in Amesbury, Wiltshire – the location where The Beatles movie ‘Help!’ was actually filmed.

Selena, the founder of ‘Paranormal Wiltshire’ couldn’t believe her eyes.

“We heard one hell of a clicking sound, which unfortunately wasn’t caught on the CCTV, it was so loud.

“As the lantern door clicked we all immediately turned and looked at it. We sat there with our jaws wide open, thinking ‘is this really happening?’. It was so exciting.”

“My friend Colin who’s a ‘sensitive’ [prone to detecting paranormal events] rushed up and did a cold scan but didn’t pick up anything.”

Selena also went on to say she shared the footage with many of her friends and acquaintances, in an effort to try and debunk the video, but none could provide an explanation.