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Spooky Charlie Charlie Challenge Going Viral

It's time to ascend.

The popular challenge involves using 2 pencils to allegedly summon a Mexican spirit named Charlie – and social media is abuzz with the phenomenon.

The method to play involves stacking 2 pencils in a cross formation on top of each other on a paper with yes/no answers. The participants then begin by asking “Charlie Charlie, are you here?”

If the pencil moves, then it is an indication that Charlie has entered the building, and will begin answering your questions.

While it may provide some spooky moments, the actual challenge and movement of the pencil is actually physically simple – due to the balance of the pencils and their light weight, the pencil is quite easily shaken and moved, be it by a breeze, a participants over-enthusiastic breath, or even speaker vibrations.

Nevertheless, it seems to be all the rage at the moment. Check out the video below for a compilation of some spooky and humorous charlie charlie vines (once you get past the annoying popups):