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Has Apple Maps Snapped The Loch Ness Monster?

It's time to ascend.

(Image Credit: Peter Jolly)

Apple’s satellite map app has spotted a strange form in the waters of Loch Ness which has some convinced its the legendary Loch Ness Monster.

The legendary monster of the deep goes all the way back to the sixth century, and even in an age full of technological advancements, every image or video ever taken has yet to be convincing enough to prove without a doubt the famous creature exists. The latest image, however, has given hope to many believers.

Apple maps has snapped a strange form in the water of approximately 100 feet in length, which looks remarkably like the wake of a boat or water vessel, yet nothing of the kind is around anywhere.

“We’ve been looking at it for a long time trying to work out exactly what it is,” Gary Campbell, president of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, told the Daily Mail.

“It looks like a boat wake, but the boat is missing. We’ve shown it to boat experts and they don’t know what it is.”

After intensive study overĀ  6 months, no explanation could be given – other than the conclusion that it could be the Loch Ness Monster.

“Whatever this is, it is under water and heading south, so unless there have been secret submarine trials going on in the loch, the size of the object would make it likely to be Nessie,” Campbell said.

One of the spotters, 26-year old Andrew Dixon from Darlington, said: “It was a total fluke that I found it. I was looking at satellite images of my town and then just thought I’d have a look at Loch Ness.

The first thing that came into my head when I saw it was, ‘That’s the Loch Ness Monster’.”

Original Article: The Telegraph

It's time to ascend.