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Arizona UFO Sighting – NASA Cover Up?

(Image Credit: My Fox Phoenix)

A UFO which many witnesses saw over Arizona this week was quickly shot down as a meteor by NASA.

An interesting article was posted on Scott Waring’s popular UFO website UFO Sightings Daily, which referenced a UFO sighting over Arizona in last week where a fireball was streaking over the sky, and NASA afterward acknowledging the sighting but downplaying it as just a meteor.

UFO Sightings Daily points out that in 2008, 5 minutes from the same area a blue UFO was spotted crashing, with USAF helicopters quickly swooping in and claiming the wreckage, carrying off the UFO’s glowing blue body.

Could this be a UFO, alien tech being tested by the military, or just a simple meteor? Check out the videos and links below.



Original News article: My Fox Phoenix