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Loch Ness Monster Spotted Off Magnetic Island, Australia


A story on the internet is gaining huge traction and going viral after an alleged sighting of what appears to be ‘Nessie’, or a ‘relative’ of the famous legendary sea monster.

On October 25th, people described what they saw as ‘a distinctive, long curved neck bobbing up and down off the coast’, which immediately drew comparisons to Scotlands’ famous Loch Ness monster.

A first hand account from a man named David Herron states:

“It was bobbing up and down in the water and at first I thought, what’s that? Someone yelled out, ‘It looks like a Loch Ness monster,’” Herron said, according to The Australian. “I’ve never seen anything like it – it could be anything. We are all wanting to know what it is.”

Skeptics however, were quick to criticize the description and comparison to Nessie, saying it was more than likely just the hull of a boat or a piece of wood.

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