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Man Building Machine To Receive Messages From The Future

Time travel has long been debated about, both in the circles of enthusiasts and physicists.

The idea of time travel has intrigued everyone around the world for many years, with it being a popular topic in all aspects of sci-fi entertainment such as movies, TV, books, games and more. Some of the more well known titles such as Back To The Future and The Time Machine are cult classics.

Most scientists believe however that travelling back in time to alter the past is simply impossible. One physicist however, wants to test the waters of not actually travelling back in time to alter the past, but instead of trying to receive messages from the distant future that may have been broadcast back to ourselves.

Ronald Mallett, a physics professor at the University of Connecticut, is trying to build a machine to do just that. Inspired by The Time Machine, a classic story by H.G. Wells, he is hoping his device will pick up transmissions from the future.

The machine is going to cost approximately $250,000 to actually construct, and he hopes it might open up the possibility of receiving a massive amount of data being transmitted from the future that our future selves might be sending in order to help our advancement or alter catastrophic events.

“By using a circulating beam of laser light, I have been able to mathematically show that this can lead to a twisting of space and time,” he said.