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Scans Of Khufu Pyramid Finds ‘Thermal Anomalies’

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Egyptian Pyramids, alternative history

The researchers who have been conducting thermal scans of the Great Pyramid of Egypt in hope of finding new chambers and areas in the pyramid that are previously undiscovered, have picked up on something interesting on the largest of the 3 pyramids in Giza.

Egypt’s Ministry Of Antiquities has released a statement about the find, saying archaeologists have found ‘thermal anomalies’ within the pyramid’s walls, which could be a sign indicating that there may be a sealed room, hidden for thousands of years.

“It’s always interesting to hear new discoveries at Giza, which has a huge significance in the public imagination,” said Egyptology lecturer Richard Enmarch from the University of Liverpool. “It’s such a huge structure – there is no end to exotic theories behind it.”

Although this has generated a large amount of excitement, industry experts do warn before getting ahead of ourselves, the anomalies may be due to other reasons.

“A void could be one reason, but it’s not necessarily the most probable,” said Enmarch. “It could also be explained by quality of the stones, whether the stones were cracked and the air flow was able to travel around.”