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Engineer Recalls Past Life & Near Death Experience

It's time to ascend.

Scientists Claims Afterlife Exists


Engineer Dana Betlevy recounts many strange experiences throughout her life, and details her past life and near death experience.

An article posted on The Epoch Times by Dana Betlevy caught my attention today, in which she talks about having many extraordinary experiences throughout her life that she simply could not explain. She also recounts details of her past life, and also talks of her near death experience.

Not daring to tell others, the Engineer with a love of maths and physics found it very hard to explain these experiences, and even though she has a scientific and calculating mind, she was always open to there being more. Some great reading on the subjects from this personal account. Here is an excerpt:

When I was 22, I had an extraordinary experience: I was clinically dead, then revived. During the time in my life leading up to this experience, I suffered a great mental burden. I felt a constant inner struggle with many thoughts arising.

I was on a subway train and it felt like my thoughts sped up, like a big engine in my mind working faster and faster and faster—suddenly I knew it would be the end.

I felt all the functions of my body stop one by one, and my last thought was that I have to get out of the train. I had to get onto the platform, taking a big step to cross over the space between the train and the platform.Getting out of the train, everything became black in my mind, and there is a blank spot in my memory.

Next, I saw my body inert, lying on the seats in the underground station, with many people around me, trying to bring me back to life.

Very intriguing read, head over to the article here at The Epoch Times.

It's time to ascend.