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Is This An Entrance To A Lunar Base In The Zeeman Crater?

It's time to ascend.

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(Image Credit: YouTube/WhatsUpInTheSky37)

A YouTube video claims to show what seems to be an entry point to a lunar base approximately 5 miles long on the Moon’s Zeeman Crater.

The video goes into detail about the structure snapped on Google Earth/Moon and takes it into photoshop to enhance and try to verify its authenticity. It explains the step like structure around the opening and a few other anomalies around the opening as well.

Check out the video posted by WhatsUpInTheSky37:



It is worth mentioning that the YouTube user has been criticized for posting alot of fake material, however its interesting nonetheless, and provides coordinates for the location on Google Earth/Moon, which are 72°30’41.04″ S 145°30’29.62″ W.