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Miracle? Child’s Tumor Shrinks After Kiss From Pope Francis

It's time to ascend.

Little Gianna Masciantonio had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the tender young age of 1, and her parents took her to see the leader of the Christian church during his tour in Philadelphia.

Gianna was fortunate to receive a kiss on the forehead from Pope Francis, and then something amazing happened. Doctors were very surprised to see afterward that her tumor had shrunk considerably, and now has almost disappeared completely.


Both parents firmly believe that the miraculous recovery is nothing short than a divine gift from God.

“You can’t really see the tumour, in all of the scans it’s just a blur,” said her mother Kristen. “She’s getting better and stronger. She’s blowing kisses. She’s starting to point at things.”

“I think all this is from God, the Pope is a messenger from God,” said her father Joey.¬†“Last year was about living in honor of her. Now we’re going to get to live with her.”


Original article: Yahoo!