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People Worship “Crying Tree” In California

It's time to ascend.


(Image Credit: Taken from dee spags youtube video)

A large number of devout Catholics believe that the Crape Myrtle tree outside of St Johns Cathedral in Fresno, California is weeping “Tears Of God”.

Parishioner Maria Ybarra told reporters “When you say ‘glory be to God in Jesus’ name’ the tree starts throwing out more water.” Maria was the first person to discover the “tears”, and since then many christians have flocked to the tree to pray for loved ones.

Scientists however, have a different idea, saying that it is actually the excrement of an insect called the “Crape Myrtle Aphid”, which can gather on a tree in huge numbers, making it look like the tree is dripping water.

You can check out the entire article from Buzzfeed here, and make your own decision – to believe, or not to believe?