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Evidence For Ocean On Pluto Grows Stronger

The latest evidence put forward by scientists has to do with the famous ‘heart’ of Pluto, known as Tombaugh Regio. Scientists believe that the heart was formed by a meteor impact millions of years ago.

One of the mysteries that has been under scrutiny from scientists is how it ended up facing away from Pluto’s moon Charon, an alignment which researchers believe is unlikely chance.

In newly published research papers, scientists suggest that the planet may have actually tipped right over, thanks to a vast subterranean ‘slushy’ ocean. They believe that after the meteor impact, the void left by the meteor was filled by the slushy water, which then forced a gravitational anomaly and caused the planet to tip over onto its side.

What is even more amazing is that scientists believe the underground ocean is as big asĀ all of the Earth’s oceans put together.

Check out the video below for more information: