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UFO On Live ISS Feed Before Transmission Cut

It's time to ascend.

Many conspiracy theorists believe NASA and other governing bodies are fully aware of extraterrestrial activity, and are doing everything in their power to keep it from the public.

Recently a video has racked up over 100k views recorded from the ISS live feed which potentially shows something extraordinary.

YouTube user ColdPyro has posted a video showing what seems to be a UFO zooming across the screen around the 5 second mark – only to have the feed cut off with a ‘temporary outage’ almost immediately afterward.

There are just as many skeptics as there are believers when it comes to the authenticity of the video and/or whether it is actually extraterrestrial in nature or a little more mundane.

This isn’t the first time such reports have surfaced however. There have been many videos showing strange objects zooming past the camera only for the feed to mysteriously go offline.