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New Discovery Of ‘Most Distant Galaxy’ In The Universe

It's time to ascend.


The most distant galaxy to have ever been found has been discovered by a team of astronomers.

At a distance of approx. 30 billion light years, the astronomers have located the galaxy using the¬†Hubble Space Telescope and its distance was then confirmed with the ground-based Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Scientists are using the find to help shed further light on events following the “Big Bang”.

Due to the time it takes for light to travel to the point of human viewing, what we actually see is how the galaxy appeared over 13 billion years ago due to expansion in the universe.

“This is the most distant galaxy we’ve confirmed. We are seeing this galaxy as it was 700 million years after the Big Bang,” says Lead Researcher¬†Steven Finkelstein, from the University of Texas at Austin, US.

To read the full article with all the details, head over to BBC News here.