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Strange Pyramid Shaped Mountain On Ceres

It's time to ascend.

Pyramid mountain on Ceres spotted by NASA

In what is yet another anomalous object added to the list for the mysterious Ceres, the pyramid shaped mountain is only going to fuel the social media fire after the mysterious bright spots are still yet to be identified.

The pyramid shaped mountain stands out prominently from the rest of the terrain on the dwarf planet, which is mostly quite flat.

Pyramid mountain on Ceres spotted by NASA

The object measures approximately 5km in height, and its unsure how it formed – or got there.

“The surface of Ceres has revealed many interesting and unique features,” said mission deputy principle investigator Carol Raymond. “For example, icy moons in the outer solar system have craters with central pits, but on Ceres central pits in large craters are much more common. These and other features will allow us to understand the inner structure of Ceres that we cannot sense directly.”

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