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Stunning NASA Images Show Moon’s Shadow Moving Across Earth

It's time to ascend.


Hundreds of tourists in Indonesia flocked to witness the rare solar eclipse that just happened on March 10, the first in around 33 years.

NASA has just released an awesome animation of the Moon’s shadow passing over the Earth:

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The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) snapped 13 high res images which was turned into the animation before you.

‘What is unique for us is that being near the Sun-Earth line, we follow the complete passage of the lunar shadow from one edge of the Earth to the other,’ said Adam Szabo, NASA’s project scientist for DSCOVR.

‘A geosynchronous satellite would have to be lucky to have the middle of an eclipse at noon local time for it. I am not aware of anybody ever capturing the full eclipse in one set of images or video.’