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Former Canadian Defence Minister Claims Aliens ‘Very Real’, Over 80 Species On Earth

It's time to ascend.

alien existence on earth


Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer has stated that Aliens are very real, and there are multiple species on Earth among us today.

Hellyer, who served as the Defence Minister of Canada back in the 1960’s, talks for quite some time in an interview on Russia Today about the many different species of Aliens, the fact they have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, and sharing technology with us.

He details how many alien species are ‘humanoid’ and that some may walk down the street and we would not even know the difference. He states that they come from both within and outside our Solar System, ranging from Saturns moons, Venus, to the Zeta Reticuli and Pleiades systems.

In what ends up being a very interesting video, he also details how they have assisted us with technology, including technology such as microchips, LED light and Kevlar vests.

Check out the video here:



Is this the real deal? Is Paul Hellyer onto something and should the governments provide full disclosure on the alien species on Earth and life in the Cosmos as a whole? Or is this another promotion for an upcoming ‘tell-all’ book?