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Multiple Witnesses Report UFO Sightings On New Years Eve In California

It's time to ascend.

ufo sightings in california

(Image Credit: YouTube/Mark McCabe)

Multiple residents of California have reported UFO sightings on New Years Eve in California.

Many witnesses claim seeing bright lights in the sky on new years eve, some moving very fast.

Two witnesses Terry and Jans Mauth talk of a large egg shaped object with a bright light shining from it, hovering in the sky over their neighborhood and then suddenly taking off at breakneck speeds.

“There was no sound, that’s the funny thing,” Terry said.  ”Just this big illuminated form.”

Kerry Pinlac from Stockton also recounts what she saw that night, claiming she saw more than one UFO in a formation of sorts.

“They were almost in a diamond or triangle shape,” he said.  ”Then they just started separating.”

Check out a video here on Youtube posted by Mark McCabe:



Original Article: The Epoch Times.