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Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston During Storm

It's time to ascend.

A Circular object with a ring of lights has caused an online viral frenzy, with multiple witnesses spotting the spectacular UFO.

On the night of August 11th, social media lit up with multiple posts of images of the circular object in the storm clouds.

Various images showed various angles of the craft, and also seemed to show that the craft had a light in its centre, and displayed regular movement, changing angles and position.

“The more people who see it in different directions, the more likely we are to figure out where it is, what it is and see if we can explain it,” said Dr. Carolyn Sumners of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. “All the way back to recorded history, there are going to be things we can’t explain. That’s what makes it exciting.”

Check out the video below – anyone have any ideas on what it could be?