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Noah’s Ark Rebuilt According To Ancient Instructions

(Image Credit: Daily Mail)

A scale model of Noah’s Ark has been built in India according to instructions on a 4,000 year old script.

The vessel, based on the ancient instruction manual, is coracle like, and was built using traditional methods with materials in India.

Built at around one fifth of the original size, the replica would be big enough to carry only some pairs of ‘well behaved animals’, according to Dr Irving Finkel of The British Museum, who first discovered the ancient cuneiform text.

The replicated ark weighed around 20 tonnes, with walls 20 feet high and a small living area on top. It was built as part of the documentary feature being produced called ‘The Real Noah’s Ark’, which is set to air shortly.

Building An Ark

The text describes God speaking to Atram-Hasis, who apparently is the original ‘Noah’ used in the stories that Noah’s Ark was allegedly based upon.

‘Wall, wall! Reed wall, reed wall! Atram-Hasis, pay heed to my advice, that you may live forever! Destroy your house, build a boat; despise possessions And save life! Draw out the boat that you will built with a circular design; Let its length and breadth be the same.’

Should be an interesting documentary. Read more here at The Daily Mail, along with some pictures and video.