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Mysterious Lights Over San Antonio

It's time to ascend.


A man has captured video of strange bright lights over San Antonio earlier this week on Sunday 3rd November.

The strange lights were seen by various people and were visible for over 30 minutes. To make matters even more interesting, a day later, more reports of UFO’s came in, with a lady reporting strange colorful lights in the sky, over the Leon Valley Area. Both witnesses believe that what they saw was unexplained.

“It was scary,” said Irene Trujillo. “But it was awesome too at the same time. Because you’re like seeing something; not knowing if you’re going to get zapped.”

A Joint Base San Antonio representative denies that it was any of their craft, but suggests a simpler explanation of small hot air balloons or chinese sky lanterns.

What’s your take? Something strange from another world, or something a little more mundane?

Check out the video after the jump at WOAI News 4 San Antonio.