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Ancient Cave Drawings Discovered In Brazil

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Researchers studying pig-like animals called white-lipped peccaries in Brazil have stumbled upon an unexpected find.

The rare discovery made in 2009, shows ancient cave paintings of armadillos, birds, reptiles, even geometric shapes, etched thousands of years ago. After being examined by archaeologists, it is believed the drawings were made by hunter-gatherers somewhere between 4,000 – 10,000 years ago.

The find was made by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) while surveying the peccaries in the Cerrado plateau in Brazil back in 2009.

“Since we often work in remote locations, we sometimes make surprising discoveries, in this case, one that appears to be important for our understanding of human cultural history in the region,” Alexine Keuroghlian, a researcher with WCS’s Brazil program, said in a statement.

Archaeologists note that the style of drawings is quite diverse, which is not usually the case. Some drawings show the style of ancient art from the central Brazilian plateau, while others unexpectedly show resemblence of art from northeastern Brazil.

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